Picture of a .58 Minie Ball Bullet

Black Powder Firearms: In-Line Rifles vs. Sidelocks

With the advent of in-line muzzleloaders, a rift has developed between black powder shooters.. While traditionalists favor sidelock guns and round balls, once-a-year hunters tend toward more modern in-line rifles shooting conicals. This rift is silly. If it loads from the front, it’s a muzzle loader. Everything else being equal—rate of twist, barrel length, bullet …

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Picture of two hunters taking a safety training

State Hunters’ Safety Contacts

Safe firearms handling can only be effectively taught by professionally trained hunters education instructors. The majority of states require that anyone purchasing a hunting licensed be certified. highly recommends the certified instructors of the International Hunters Education Association. Check out the safety contacts for your state, below! ALABAMA Hunter Education Coord. Dept. of Conservation …

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Picture of women hunters in the forest

Women in the Outdoors

In the interest of marital harmony, there are two things a husband should never try to teach his wife: driving and fly fishing.. For women seeking to learn outdoor sports, this potential threat to romantic bliss can be avoided through women-only outdoor skill classes. Why women-only classes? Men and women learn differently. Women take a …

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